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“I came here at stem in 2020 during the pandemic and I have had the opportunity to serve the kids. The experience with them gives a deeper understanding and stem gives students a lot of opportunities for success. Students like it here and more important they like the support. I am happy to work with them each day it helps me remember my
purpose for life of helping youths get better. The stem program is hands on and students re more engaged. The game room and advisory community circles are quite helpful. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.”

Teacher, RLD High School

“Small class sizes make it easier for me to meet the needs of all my students!”

Teacher, TECH High School
“Being that this is the first school I have ever worked with, it is by far, the best. I say that because of what Career Success has to offer as a District and as individual schools. The environment is inviting and safe. The teachers make every student individually feel welcomed and cared for. The classrooms are small in size to allow students to receive the one-on-one attention that they may need. The classroom size also gives the teacher the opportunity to build on those student-teacher relationships in order to assist that student to feel comfortable within their environment which could in-turn make learning easier for the student and improve their educational path.”
Teacher, STEM Academy

“Sage allows me to make an inspirational impact by creating meaningful, lasting connections with every learner due to the focus on quality over quantity.”

Teacher, Sage Campus

“STEM Academy is a fantastic learning environment for our students! We have a wonderful team of qualified teachers who take pride in giving kids the best education possible and our small class sizes make the school feel like a community. I love coming to school and I know the students feel the same

Teacher, STEM Academy